About Us

As Alberta’s largest locally owned pizza chain, Buster’s Pizza restaurants are working to strengthen their communities. They do this in a variety of ways, such as participating in food drives, supporting fire departments, or sponsoring sports teams. But the reason why is always the same: family is important.

A community is strong only when its based on healthy, happy families.

Family and togetherness has been the core of the Buster’s Pizza business. Established in 2001 with 13 locations and growing, we are proud to say Buster’s Pizza is Western Canadian Born and we thank our customers for making Buster’s Pizza a great Canadian success.

Like most Canadians Mr. A Salame immigrated to Canada in 1975 and he continued with his family’s Mediterranean heritage.When he was younger, Mr. Salame was always excited and happy to go help out his parents after school in their local family pizza shop. He was excited because he knew the happiness that his family’s pizza brought to other families and friends and how pizza brought everyone together as a family. He loved watching his parents build a masterpiece from the freshest dough, 100% pure crushed tomato sauce, 100% pure mozzarella cheese, the freshest spices and the freshest toppings and best ingredients each and every time.

His parents taught him some basics, but the most important rule was that customers and consistency come first. When you build and bake pizza, pasta, donairs or any item on the menu, you must make it like you are making it for your own family. If you wouldn’t eat it, your customers wouldn’t want to eat it either, so you must make it perfect each and every time. To make the story short “Bake the perfect pizza every time”. Best Pizza, Best Ingredients!

After growing up, Mr. Salame struggled to find a great tasting pizza like old times, that reminded him of his childhood. He tried almost every pizza place he came across and still no luck. So he thought why shouldn’t there be a real pizza place that offers great tasting pizza with the freshest ingredients and taste, just like old times, no frozen dough or bleached flour. And that’s when Buster’s was born, offering his customers the best pizza, donair and pasta in flavour and ingredients.

  • At Buster’s Pizza we believe that pizza should never be frozen
  • Pizza should be like old times
  • You should never have to increase your utility bills, or wear and tear on your oven, by having to heat up your uncooked pizza. You might even forget about your pizza and burn it; you would be burning your money away.
  • Pizza should not taste or feel like cardboard
  • Buster’s Pizza brings families and friends together!! Have a good time and enjoy!!!!!

We’ve always believed that pizza leads to fun times with the family. When a family orders Buster’s, they can just relax and enjoy each other’s company – no one has to cook, clean up, or worry if the food will turn out all right. A night with Buster’s means a great meal and great memories to share.

Across Alberta, communities are what help Buster’s Pizza restaurants grow. Out of thanks, we give back to these places in many different ways. When we do it with helping families in mind, we know it will always make an impact. Best Pizza. Best Ingredients

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