Fresh Guarantee

As Alberta’s largest locally owned pizza chain, everything on the menu is made from top to bottom with fresh, quality ingredients. To put it another way, we say NO to frozen, pre-packaged food! If you peek inside a Buster’s Pizza kitchen, you won’t catch anyone microwaving a crust or sprinkling frozen shards of cheese on a pizza. Call us old fashioned, but we don’t think our ingredients should have to hibernate in a frozen cave!


Always has a fresh taste. Our tomato sauce is made with whole tomatoes, and includes our own secret blend of spices. We’ve picked the best produce suppliers in Alberta – that is to say, not the cheapest or most convenient. Our suppliers care about quality just as much as we do.

Donair and Pasta

Unlike some of our competitors’ donair, our meat doesn’t come from a bag in the freezer. Our donair meat is roasted and sliced fresh off the donair cone. We know what we’re doing, and dare you to compare us to your favourite donair place. Our pasta is fresh too, making it a delicious companion to any order. Pizza isn’t the only thing we’re great at!

The great news is that our pizza is good for you. It has ingredients from all major food groups, offering a healthy dose of nutrition along with the fun. Best Pizza. Best Ingredients.

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